Budget And Appropriation

Mandate of Budget and Appropriations Committee

  (1) There shall be a select Committee to be known as the Budget and Appropriations Committee.

(2) The Committee shall consist of a chairperson, and not more than eight other Members.

(3) The functions of the Committee shall be to-

(a) investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the of the County budget;

(b) discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the County Assembly;

(c) examine the County Budget Policy Statement presented to the County Assembly;

(d) examine Bills related to the County budget, including Appropriations Bills;

(e) evaluate tax estimates, economic and budgetary policies and programmes with direct budget outlays. and

(f) Such other functions as may be assigned by a County Legislation or this Standing Orders.

(4)The County Budget and Appropriations Committee constituted by the County Assembly immediately following the general election shall serve for a period of the County Assembly.

(5) Seven Members of the Budget and Appropriations Committee shall constitute a quorum.

(6) The Committee shall invite chairpersons of all Sectoral Committees to make presentations during the consideration of the budget.

The committee has produced the following reports:


1.         Hon. Johnson Muchangi Chairperson
2.        Hon. Maureen Nyaga v/Chairperson
3.        Hon. Mary Kavinda Member
4.        Hon. Samuel Githumbu Member
5.        Hon. Terry Mbuchi Member
6.        Hon. Swaleh Ibrahim Member
7.        Hon. Peter Muriithi Member
8.        Hon.  John Mbaka Member
9.        Hon. Paul Muchangi Member
10.     Hon.  Philip Nzangi Member
11.     Hon. Ndwiga Kariuki Newton Member

Second Assembly committee produced the following reports:


1. Hon. Kisingu John H. Mwaluko Chairperson
2 Hon. Robert Njiru Ireri V/Chairperson
3. Hon. Michael Njeru Kariuki Member
4. Hon. Steve Munene Mugendi Member
5. Hon. Newton Kariuki Ndwiga Member
6. Hon. Paul Muchangi Njiru Member
7. Hon. Agnes Wanjiru Gakungugu Member
8. Hon. Elizabeth Ndeleve Kibai Member
9. Hon Duncan Ireri Mbui Member