Directorate of Human Resources Management


The Human Resource Management function entails; effective organization and administration of Human Resource Management Services in accordance with existing human resource policies, rules and regulations in the County Assembly with a view of ensuring that County Assembly employees are properly facilitated for effective performance and productivity.  This entails;

  • Recruitments and placement,
  • Training and development needs for staff
  • Human resource planning and Communication.
  • Employee relations and welfare,
  • Compensation,
  • Performance management,
  • Human Resource policy
  • Secretary, Member, County Assembly Management and Staff advisory Committee.
  • Planning and coordinating functions and operations of a building Superintendent, registry and Office Administrative Services.

(b)Key Result Areas

Staffing:  Organization structure; Employment; HR Planning; Promotion; Deployment

Compensation:  Pay and Benefits, Incentives, Allowances, Job Evaluation.

Job performance: Job Description, Performance Appraisal, Training, Awards, Discipline

Employee relations and welfare: Labour Laws, Medicare, Housing, transport, Safety, Security

Human Resource policy:  HR Rules, Regulations and Policy; Terms and Conditions of Service; Duties in the CASB Advisory Committee.


(c) Standards of Performance

The following systems / facilities must be developed and installed:–

Human Resource audit:  Skills Audit; Staffing Audit; Staffing Levels

Job evaluation: Determine the relative worth of jobs, grade the jobs, and create career paths.

Schemes of service:  Career Progression guidelines to delineate duties / responsibilities and to specify the required competencies.

Human Resource manuals:  Terms and conditions of service.

KRAs and PMS: Key Result Areas, Standards of Performance, and Performance Management System.

Payroll system: With the defined cyclic operations and their deadlines.

Training and development