Administration, Devolution, Public Service, Governance and ICT


The committee will oversight on:

Pubic service:

  • Implementation of minutes from the County Public Service Board and The County Human Resource Management Advisory (appointments, promotions, transfers, discipline, allowances)
  • implementation of circulars form Public Service Commission, salaries and remuneration commission, County Public Service Board, Ministry of Devolution and
  • Administration of leaves for all staff Administration of the personnel registry.
  • Liaising with the IPPD on behalf of staff Compliment control
  • Separation and pension
  • Generation of agenda for the County Human Resource Management Advisory Committee (CHRMAC).
  • Succession management policy implementation.
  • Capacity building & Staff training/development.
  • Co-ordination of performance appraisal system(PAS)


  • Taking leadership in developing an operational framework that encourages public participation in policy making;
  • Provision of  civic education  to the  citizens  of  Embu  in accordance with  the Constitutional
  • Provision of public communication and information dissemination systems for both internal and external audiences.
  • Provision of county laws enforcement and prosecution services
  • Provision of transport and fleet management services.
  • Provision of fire, disaster management and emergency response services.
  • Provision of asset management services.
  • Provision of e-government solutions and e-citizen service delivery centres

The committee has produced the following reports:


1.        Hon. Philip Nzangi Chairperson
2.        Hon. Daniel Githinji v/Chairperson
3.        Hon. Terry Mbuchi  Member
4.        Hon. Johnson Muchangi Member
5.        Hon. Agnes Gakungugu Member
6.        Hon. Ibrahim Swaleh Member
7.        Hon. Jane Njued  Member

Second Assembly committee produced the following reports:

 Report of the Sectoral Committee on Administration on Legal Compliance of the workings and undertaking’s of the CPSBE


1. Hon. Duncan Ireri Mbui Chairperson
2. Hon. Sicily Ruguru Njiru V/Chairperson
3. Hon. Judy Mbuya Njue Member
4. Hon Steve Mugendi Munene Member
5. Hon. Michael Njeru Kariuki Member
6. Hon Masters Leonard Mwaniki Member
7. Hon. Martin Kimani Mwangi Member